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Love.net   - also featuring  -
John Lawton & Mick Box 
109 minutes feature film in Bulgarian language 
with English subtitles
We only have a small quantity of this feature film 
DVD for sale   -  Certified:  age 15
.Price: 7.95  ( plus postage and package )
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OTR - Mamonama
Mamonama  -  OTR 
John Lawton & Jan Dumee
10 tracks in the finest rock tradition
.released by Lyon Music
Price: 7.95  ( plus postage and package )
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Sting In The Tale

Sting In The Tale       John Lawton Band   .
Best JLB studio album ever.!!
This album really rocks!!! 
Price: 7.99   ( plus postage and package )
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Rebel / Zar     John Lawton & Rebel / Zar
Includes 2 original LPs,'80/'92, re-mastered by Red
Steel to 1 CD: (17 tracks)
Rebel's "Stargazer" and ZAR's "Live Your
Price : 10.95   (plus postage & package)
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Heartbeat    John Lawton
This 1980's solo album has been re-mastered by
Red Steel and on CD.
Includes 4 bonus tracks never released before !!
Price : 10.95   (plus postage & package)
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Still payin my dues..
Still payin' my dues ..    John Lawton 
John Lawton solo album, regarded by many as one  
of Johns finest work.
Outstanding bluesy rock production!
Price : 10.95   (plus postage & package)
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DVD only

Shakin' the Tale  DVD only   John Lawton Band
Recorded live at Londons Mean Fiddler,7.Nov 03
Bonus film clips featuring John with "Lucifers
.Friend" 1970,  with Heep in '76...and more.
Price: 6.99   ( plus postage and package )
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DVD Live 2002

One More Night  DVD            John Lawton Band

Recorded Live on DVD at the Mean Fiddler, London  
Featuring highlights from Uriah Heep &
Lucifer's Friend.    .
This powerful film is the perfect portrait of one night
in the life of a  legend..  incl. interviews and Top of
the Pops '76 bonus film clip...
.Price : 5.99  ( plus postage and package )
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Buy Now  PAL  Discontinued
. . . .

Steppin' It Up

Steppin' It Up    John Lawton / Steve Dunning
This album was inspired by the success of the
unplugged gig at TMBP, 8.Dec.01 
"With a little help from our friends Phil Lanzon
(Uriah Heep) and Steve Simmons (Karnataka)  
we  took it a stage further ....."
Price : 4.99    ( plus postage and package )
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My Kind o Lovin'  -  featuring  
Simon Phillips - John Lawton - Joseph Williams
My Kind o Lovin' is the second album from the
stables of  "Intelligent Music".
This "All Star" concept album features not only
John Lawton, but also drum legend Simon Phillips
and "Toto's" Joseph Williams singing on 4 tracks
Price : 8.95    ( plus postage and package )
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Power of Mind
The Power of Mind  -  featuring  
John Lawton & DXpress
 The Power of Mind is a concept album consisting
of 14 amazing songs, with positive thinking being
the theme.
With soulful vocals by John Lawton & powerful
instrumentals by DXpress.
 Price: 7.95  ( plus postage and package )
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