Gunhill Double CD
GUNHILL is a band from the early 90's, which featured John Lawton on vocals.
This double CD features the cassette fan club only release  One Over The Eight & the
now discontinued  Nightheat CD
Both CDs, especially One Over The Eight are now virtually impossible to get hold of.
Both discs feature bonus tracks with the intention of making this set the
COMPREHENSIVE collection of all the Gunhill studio recordings!
This re - release has been prepared with the full input of John Lawton personally
and has had a 2016 remaster
"These 2 CDs are part of my musical history when I played together with some
fine musicians, some quite young and some a bit more experienced. It was an
opportunity to cover some tracks that I look back on as really great songs 
and a few originals tracks that have stood the test of time ." - John Lawton
Disc 1 Disc 2
1. Don't Stop Believing 1. Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
 2. Ready for Love  2. Eleanor Rigby
 3. Wall of Silence 3. Ain't No Sunshine
4. Nobody Loves You the Way I Do 4. Can't Get Enough
5. Far from Home 5. Better By You Better Than Me
6. Eleanor Rigby 6. Stone Cold
7. Don't Look Back 7. Every Little Bit Hurts
8. Waiting for the Heartache 8. Angel
 9. When a Man Loves a Woman 9. Harlem Shuffle
 10. Any Day Now 10. Soldier of Love
11. Clearwater Highway   Bonus Tracks
Bonus Tracks 11. River of Dreams  
12. Sympathy
3. Come Back to Me
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